DeFunc Bluetooth Hybrid Troubleshooting

My Defunc Bluetooth is not connecting

-Make sure you press the Play/Pause button for at least 5 seconds until you hear two separate tones. The led should also start flashing in red.

-You need to switch on Bluetooth on your mobile phone or other device and select “defunc Bluetooth”

 -You need to make sure your mobile phone or other device are within the operating range of the BT.


The Defunc Bluetooth is running out of battery quite fast

-You can turn in off the Defunc BT by pressing Play/Pause for a couple of seconds until the led shows a red light. This will save the battery when you are not using the Defunc BT.

 -If you use the Defunc BT for phone calls or for listening to music it will impact battery life because transmission consumers battery power.


I hear a tone which is about 10 seconds apart when listening to the Defunc Bluetooth

 -That is an indication that the Defunc BT is running out of battery. Please charge you BT.


Nothing happens with the BT when I try to start it or connect it by pressing Play/Pause

-The Defunc BT has probably run out of battery and to protect the battery it will shut down until you recharge the battery.

I have a poor connection when using the Defunc BT for phone calls

-Other wireless devices in your close surrounding will impact the signal between your mobile and the Defunc BT.

-Your mobile phone has a poor signal so the problem sits with your mobile phone and not the BT.

-You Defunc BT is outside the 10-meter operating range from the transmitting device such as mobile phone.